There are times I feel like I am floating along, completely on my own. Its not true, but sometimes we have a tendency to hide our uniqueness and gifts away when we don’t quite get them.

I remember the first time I had what i would best describe as a vision. It rattled me to the core with its intensity, and startled me with its vivid picture.

And i didn’t think anyone would get it, coz in the moment? I sure didn’t get beyond the obvious meaning in that moment.

Years later, it became apparent what it meant, and i wondered at His choice to show it to me.

I don’t often get full complete pictures – more like impressions, song lyrics, parts of bible verses. And for years, i didn’t talk or share about it. If i did, it was only after His obvious prompting me to do so.

Just as i imagine Elizabeth and Zachariah might have kept the full revelation of what was said to him by the angel to themselves (Luke 1).

For no one wants to come across as loco, one card short of a full deck or with one screw loose.

But when Zacbariah lost his voice, followed by Elizabeth showing as noticeably pregnant? It became apparent something had happened… and in those days before tons of medical advancement and a God based culture? It would have been perceived that God was working a miracle.

Even though the community at large didn’t fully get the big picture.

Friend, this Christmas season? Let His Word speak anew to your spirit. Let His love breathe fresh life within. Let Holy Spirit whisper truth and wrap comfort around your soul. Meet Jesus head on in the account of His putting on skin and moving into our neighborhood here on earth.

For God has never stopped speaking to His people, and will continue to speak to those still seeking Him. The miracle of His love for us continues.

May that truth be the wrapping to His gift of Himself, His presence, His love, His peace, to you this Christmas.

#Advent #hopefortheharddays

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