One of the strands I cling to throughout the Word is that of His faithfulness to those who follow Him, even in their darkest of days. The Bible is filled with the named and unnamed who God reassures over and over and over again that He is with them, and us, and willing to come to their rescue in times of need. (Both individually, and nations such as Israel.)

Like me, your life may not look like you thought it would when you were dreaming about it as a child, teenager, young adult. The only constants in my life have been God, then some close family and friends. But even earthly relationships can let you down, for we were never designed to fill the God shaped longings and needs in one another.

Today’s verse is a treasure to me, for once I chose to follow Him, I have walked down and through paths I never imagined I would ever encounter – both great and painful ones. His ever present presence has kept me going when all I wanted to do was cry under the covers, His quiet voice has infused me with what I needed to hear in the moments of daze, hurt and grief. His Word has guided me to continue to fix my eyes and focus upon Him above every situation. His love has covered, healed, soothed and restored into all the spaces and places where only He could reach.

“No one who HOPES in Me will ever regret it.” (Isaiah 49:23 MSG)

This life may not be the one I expected, but I have never regretted placing my hope in my Living Hope. No looking back without amazement at how He has brought me so far, through the valleys and mountain tops, and continually loved me with a wild devotion which leaved me breathless with awe and wonder.

#66versesofHope #hopefortheharddays

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