Fighting off lies with truth – CHOSEN

I often struggle with feeling unwanted, that I don’t belong. I know it’s one of the enemy’s main tactics of lying to me, and he is quite good at it. (He is known as the Father of Lies, after all.)

So I have to be very intentional about being prepared to battle those lies. So when they start whispering again?

📖I head back into the Word & remind myself of a few key verses that speak Truth over, around & into me, and clearly highlight the enemy’s words as lies.

💙For I was chosen.
💙I AM chosen.
💙And not automatically added at the end of putting His team together, like in school when captains choose their players.
💙He intentionally chose me. As His very own.
💙Deliberately, permanently, purposefully chosen out of love.
💙To spread His Good News. To remind others like me that we are accepted, and a part of His Kingdom here on earth.

And friend, if you too are His?

💌These verses are for you too!

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